Aqua Pure Water Solutions, formerly
Culligan, has been serving the Red
River Valley for over 20 years. We
are dedicated to making sure that all
of your water problems are solved
and that you are happy with the
quality of the equipment and service
that you receive from us.  We know
that there are many options for you
to choose from when it comes to
treating your water and we would
like the opportunity to show you our
level of expertise in this area.  You
can always expect a friendly face
from our knowledgeable staff when
you contact Aqua Pure.  Stop by and
see us today or call us and we will
come see you.
Looking for a solution at home?
Aqua Pure Water Solutions has
the product for you! Around the
house, hardness scale, rust and
sediment can create serious
problems. The answer? Water
softeners, filters and drinking
water systems provide quality
water for your entire home!
From 20 to 200 gallons per
minute, Aqua Pure Water
Solutions can design a wide
range of water softening
systems to meet your
commercial application
requirements. These systems
are designed for easy operation
and reliability. .
Aqua Pure Water Solutions  416 Gateway Drive  Grand Forks, ND  58203   800-561-5221 OR 701-772-5221
"At Aqua Pure we solve water problems with innovative products and solutions.  You can count on
our water treatment equipment to do what it's supposed to do. Clean your water."